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Vizex Investments Ltd.

Our company Vizex Investments was incorporated in 2014 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The main business of the company is investments on the international stock market. We operate on the world leading exchanges – New York, London, Frankfurt, Paris

Our team consists of professionals with more than 5 year relevant experience


We operate a well diversified portfolio of investments in equities of different large cap companies in various sectors such as IT, banking, consumer staples, services, oil and gas, gold and mining, healthcare and biotech.


We have now and had in the past shares of several companies of the following list


-Apple Inc

-Google Inc

-Citigroup Inc

-BNP Paribas

-General Motors


-Facebook Inc

-Coca Cola Inc


-Visa Inc


-Exxon Mobil

-Chevron Inc

-Rio Tinto PLC


-Pfizer Inc

-Roche Holdings

and many other.


Investing in such companies allows us to receive return on investments much higher than bank deposit interest rates or investments in real estate.  Risks of such investments are from moderate to low due to large size and market positions of the companies we invest in.


A separate small part of our portfolio consists of investments in smaller, clinical stage biotech companies that invent and develop drugs designed to help patients with severe and life threatening diseases. Risks of such investments are a lot higher but potential profit could be X fold higher than of investing in large caps.  In the Articles section of our site we provide description of some of those companies to give our current and potential clients better understanding of the type of those companies and criterias of our decisions to invest in them


If you become our client, your funds will become a part of our portfolio and you will be able to receive significant return on you investments.


We do not require a certain minimal amount of capital from our customers.  Our customers can start working with any capital.



Customers of our company earn up to 75% of our gross profits

contact us  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and we will provide the most detaled info about the working modes, return on capital and other relevant issues.


As an additional service - we provide recommmendations and stocks overview for our customers own investments outside of our company.  


We publish short versions of stock recommendations and overviews in ARTICLES section of our site

contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for stock recommendations and overview.



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