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Transenterix announces 1st US sale

Nov 13, 2017 14
November 13th. Transenterix Inc…

We no longer recommend Array Biopharma Inc

Nov 11, 2017 10
November 11th 2017. We are withdrawing…

Array Biopharma announces Q1 2017 results

May 10th 2017 Array Biopharma Inc announced financial results and business update for Q1 2017.  Regarding ongoing business events the following two attracted attention the most

-The company announced final results of the Columbus Phase 3 study in BRAF melanoma. The first part of the study was actually the decisive and last September Array said the study met its primary endpoint which already made it sufficient for an NDA to be filed to the US FDA.  The second part of the study that ended recently was assessing whether the combination of 2 drugs made the treatment work or just one of the drugs.  The second part results proved that the combination of the two drugs is essential and showed again efficacy and good tolerability of the treatment.


Array announced that given the strength of the data the NDA is going to be filed June-July this year.


-The second news (maybe more for the long term) was that Array had entered into collaboration with Merck and the two companies initiated a study evaluating efficacy of combination of Array drug binimetinib with Keytruda (Merck flagship drug for melanoma treatment) 

Transenterix announced Senhance submission to the FDA and offering

April 28th. 2017 Transenterix announced that the company submitted an application to the FDA for the Senhance approval.  Along with that the company announced an offering of $25 mil of new shares for financing of expences related to the Senhance FDA approval and commercialization in the U.S.

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