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Long term recommendation - Immune Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ.IMNP)

Feb 04, 2018 35
Febryary 4th. We are starting coverage…

Transenterix completely sold the rights on the Surgibot

Dec 18, 2017 36
December 18th 2017. Transenterix…

Transenterix announced Senhance submission to the FDA and offering

April 28th. 2017 Transenterix announced that the company submitted an application to the FDA for the Senhance approval.  Along with that the company announced an offering of $25 mil of new shares for financing of expences related to the Senhance FDA approval and commercialization in the U.S.

We are starting publishing materials on our new service

April 19th, 2017. We have launched new service - providing recommendations and stock overviews for customers who invest not with our company.  There is more detailed info on the service in the ABOUT US and SERVICES sections of our site.  We will publish weekly FREE overviews and recommendations in the ARTICLES section.

Sophiris Bio provides corporate highlights

March 27th.  Sophiris Bio released Q4 and full year 2016 results and provided business update.  The company announced it had started its Flagship drug Topsalysin Phase2b in prostate cancer.  As we remember in June 2016 Sophiris released amazing results of Topsalysin Phase2a when the drug destroyed prostate tumors in 60% of patients.  The Phase2b is needed to determine the dosage of Topsalysin for the next study - Phase 3 and to further evidence the drug efficacy after 6 months monitoring.  The results of the study are planned to be released in Q4 2017 

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