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Transenterix announces 1st US sale

Nov 13, 2017 14
November 13th. Transenterix Inc…

We no longer recommend Array Biopharma Inc

Nov 11, 2017 10
November 11th 2017. We are withdrawing…

Array Biopharma announces successful COLUMBUS Ph3

September 26th 2016  Array Biopharma announced today that its COLUMBUS Phase 3 study ended successfully.  The trial met its primary endpoint and showed average 14.9 months Progression Free Survival which is better than any of existing therapies and showed much less toxicity than any of existing therapies. That is a major milestone in the company development.  Array Biopharma is looking forward to submitting the application to FDA next year.

Transenterix changes ALF-X name

September 7th 2016.  Transenterix Inc announced that it changed their only product currently present on the market from ALF-X to Senhahce.

Array Presents Data from Cardiovascular Trial with ARRY-797 at the European Society of Cardiology

August 30th 2016  Array BioPharma (Nasdaq: ARRY) announced today results from a Phase 2 study of ARRY-797, an oral, selective p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase inhibitor, in patients with lamin A/C-related dilated cardiomyopathy (LMNA-related DCM), a rare, degenerative cardiovascular disease caused by mutations in the LMNA gene and characterized by poor prognosis.  The trial results were presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress 2016 in Rome, Italy. The results demonstrated an absolute mean change from baseline of 69 meters on the six-minute walk test (6MWT) at week 12, the study's primary endpoint (baseline 6MWT ranged from 246 to 412 meters).  This magnitude of improvement exceeded historical benchmarks for 6MWT that have served as the basis for recent approvals of other drugs in other rare diseases. 


"We are excited to be presenting data today from our wholly-owned drug, ARRY-797 and are encouraged by the results of this pilot study in this rare cardiovascular disease which has a significant unmet need," said Victor Sandor, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Array BioPharma. "We look forward to continuing to report on results for ARRY-797 in this disease, for which no treatment options, other than standard of care for chronic heart failure, exist."

Taken together, the data to date suggest a path forward for this program, and Array has met with regulators to discuss the design of a study that could be the basis for marketing approval. Array is evaluating different options to advance the ARRY-797 program, including advancing it on its own, partnering the program for further development and commercialization or creating a separate company based on this asset.

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