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Long term recommendation - Immune Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ.IMNP)

Feb 04, 2018 35
Febryary 4th. We are starting coverage…

Transenterix completely sold the rights on the Surgibot

Dec 18, 2017 36
December 18th 2017. Transenterix…

Short term investments recommendations

June 24th.  We are suspending publishing weekly free recommendations.  We have published 9 recommendation so far.  In total investors who had followed could earn 44,19% in 9 weeks.  If you want to continue receiving our recommendations, please contact us

Transenterix sells a Senhance system to Saitama Medical University in Japan

June `15th Transenterix Inc  announced that it has sold a Senhance Robotic Surgery System to  the Saitama Medical University International Medical Center located in the Saitama Prefecture in the Greater Tokyo region. That makes Transenterix having sold 3 Senhance robots so far - in Italy, Germany and Japan.

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