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Transenterix announces 1st US sale

Nov 13, 2017 14
November 13th. Transenterix Inc…

We no longer recommend Array Biopharma Inc

Nov 11, 2017 10
November 11th 2017. We are withdrawing…

Transenterix announces Q3 2017 results

November 9th.  Transenterix announced financial results and business update for Q3 2017

Key highlights

-The Senhahce robot has been approved by FDA for commercial sales in the U.S

-1 robot sold in Taiwan in Q3 2017

-Commercial infrastructure built in the U.S. - 17 sales representatives in place.

-1 sales pending (pre order issued) in EU - to be booked in Q4

-At least 1 sale expected in the U.S. in Q4

-$100 M cash in bank - enough to keep the company running well beyond 2018

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